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  • Mark Xi

    December 22, 2021 at 11:56 am

    Hey Rizal! Are you doing cold shower everyday too? Add that to your list if you haven’t lol

    For me, emotions I feel during difficult times are very useful signs. I realized that in order to build a growth mindset, I had to face lots of things I didn’t want to do, because each growth opportunity requires me to have brutal honesty to recognize them and courage to try to take them. A concrete example is that if there is an area of my digital painting process that has been bothering me, but I had been ignoring it, because I assume it’s out of my control, though it’s important to get better at that, I would then force myself to learn and get better. In the beginning there was a lot of anxiety. But when I persisted long enough to actually get better, I not only got better in that skill area, but also in dealing with negative emotions associated with tasks that I didn’t want to do. Then it became almost like, if I didn’t feel some negative emotion during a day from doing hard things, I actually felt I might be just in the comfort zone. Some people try to feel good all the time with what they are doing, I found that growth requires a minimum dose of pain daily, at least at my stage.