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  • Mark Xi

    December 13, 2021 at 9:19 pm

    Renee is underrated! Hardest working 65 year-old I know! And talking about progress, YouTube channel getting traction in a matter of months (first 1k is the hardest for a channel)!

    And I absolutely agree that Action Cures All. And here is my experience: just get used to the feeling of anxiety. You feel it whenever you are in an unknown situation. It’s perfectly fine to feel that the world is threatening. The restless energy is there to mobilize you. Be excited in those moments, because your body is out of the default auto-pilot state. Pay attention to what bothers you, because where you don’t want to see hides the experience and knowledge that you must get to grow. And after a few times of learning into fear, you get used to the feeling of anxiety (not a full blown panic attack, but just a moderately burning sense) and you see it as a sign that you are in a state for growth. I speak from my experience having to learn difficult skills from scratch in a short amount of time.

    And it’s a trap to try to postpone action until you build the perfect mindset. There is no perfect preparation. When your mind does in those moments when you indulge in excessive planning is that it sits back, pretends that it’s making progress by fantasizing what you would do in those situations, and then feed itself delusion that it is improving. But when reality hits, you find out that your plan is not perfect and then you get discouraged. So don’t plan or think too much. Just act. Struggling is okay and normal. Get used to the feeling. That’s a natural part of the learning process. If the process feels good everybody would be doing hard shit and be successful.