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  • Kelvin Wins

    December 9, 2021 at 10:31 am

    Being very profitable is a nice problem to have… too bad you didn’t find your passion in it! Thanks for sharing and confirming the experience. I think I’m tripping over myself just focusing too much on the idea that the business needs to be profitable sooner than later for me to consider engaging it. Financial stability is something I need for this next career/passion that I want to develop. To go into something on just interest alone without assurance of income to meet certain income needs seems like a dream. And yes, I shouldn’t quit my current job in pursuit of a business unestablished. Only problem is that my current job has been diminishing over time bc of my lack of interest and feeling burnt out from the job.

    Anyway… something I need to really figure out and breakdown thru introspection/journaling for me, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing!