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  • Renee Weal

    December 5, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    If I can offer some input for you all. I have been guiding the BadAss Goal Crushers for the last year. I’ve been in ITU since June of 2020. I was one of the 8 winners in last years 100 day Challenge. I recommend studying How to Make Goals Stick in the MIndset course and working on the Physics of Progress. You all are starting pretty strong with a clear goal, and I would focus on a huge… a HUGE why. The why has to be strong enough to survive your HOW. You must have clarity, razor sharp clarity. This is not an answer of trying, it is specifically what you are going to do and when. You have to have such a strong why that you build enthusiasm to push you through even the most difficult times. Exercise when you don’t feel like it…running in the rain…emotionally rough times etc. You know what I mean. You also will need support. Peeps who will give you insight and backing to help answer questions and catch you on BS when you need it. I could go on…Remember that failure is the ability to begin again more intelligently! So great to have you all in the new platform! Welcome!