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Challenge Task #1: Identify Your Themes (15 Points)

Bravo on digging deep and recording your life story last week. No small feat! More things may surface for you in the weeks ahead, and we encourage you to go back and add to your story.

Now, it’s time to review your story identify the major “themes” from each stage. What was the running thread in each stage? What were the major topics that surfaced? Write them down. You can list out a few words, or sum it up in a sentence.

Reflect. Think about which were based on truth, and which were based on a handful of occurrences that took on greater meaning. How has each theme affected the way you move in the world today?


Infancy: I am loved and valued. I’m supposed to be here. People made sacrifices for me.

Preschool Years: I’m creative and full of potential. As long as I’m with my parents, I’m fine.

Early School Years: My job is to do well in school and be liked. As long as I please others, I’m OK.

Adolescence: I’m not an adult and not a kid. I’m in limbo land, and can’t live up to expectations of either world. I want out.

Early Adulthood: The world is wide open and mine to own. I’m free! The real world is way more complex than I thought.

Middle Adulthood: I wish I would have… I no longer value… It’s time to change…

Late Adulthood: I’ve earned my place and learned valuable lessons. My focus is clear.


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