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Thank you for joining our ITU’s RESET YOUR STORY Challenge, designed to reboot the way you think and talk to yourself in order to build the life you want.

Our KICK-OFF CALL is Monday, May 1 @ 10 am PST in the Zoom Cafe. The call will be recorded and posted below for those unable to attend.

Here’s how the challenge works:

1. Every Monday morning a new challenge task will be posted under the CHALLENGES tab on the group homepage. You’re welcome to begin immediately! You will earn challenge points by following the instructions in each task.

2. Every Monday the ITU Team will host a Weekly Zoom Call at 10 am PST in the Zoom Cafe. The purpose of these check-ins will be to set up the new challenge task and reflect on your work from the prior week. We’ll break into small & large groups for additional insight, discussion & fun! NOTE: We will hold our final meeting on Tuesday, May 30 at 10 am PST due to a US holiday.

You can also find us in the Zoom Cafe every Wednesday at 4 pm PST for a “Story Huddle” – and informal challenge gathering for additional conversation and support.

Can’t make either call? No worries! The morning call will be recorded and posted on the group homepage for those unable to attend. (Note: We’ll also post all replays at the bottom of this page.)

3. We encourage you to stay connected by sharing your inspirational A-HA moments (and struggles) in the FEED tab found on the challenge homepage. Lean on each other and go farther…together!

4. Fun perk – we’ve created a personalized Digital Journal just for you! Click HERE and make a copy! We recommend that you cut/paste the new challenge tasks each week to keep all your work in one spot. NOTE: This journal is for your eyes only. Although we may ask you to submit part of your work, we’ll never ask you to turn in your entire journal.

5. Special badges and points will be awarded to all Challenge Finishes & Winners at the end of 5 weeks!

6. Late registrants are welcome to join us at any point in the challenge, but we ask that you kindly register HERE so we can add you to our weekly email list!

7. This challenge is best paired with Tom’s class How to Build an Empowering Self-Narrative (Business, Phase V) and the 7 Laws of the Human Mind (Mindset, Phase 1). There is no obligation to watch these classes in advance of the challenge, but they will help to lay the foundation for your work. You can find these classes in your ITU course library, or via the links below.

How to Build an Empowering Self-Narrative, Part 1

How to Build an Empowering Self-Narrative, Part 2

How to Build an Empowering Self-Narrative, Part 3

7 Laws of the Human Mind, Part 1

7 Laws of the Human Mind, Part 2

8. Looking to dig deeper? Check out the additional recommendations below.

Impact Theory | Women of Impact Show Links:

Additional Reading:

  • Self-Authoring Program by Dr. Jordan Peterson
  • Disrupt You! by Jay Samit
  • Personality Isn’t Permanent by Dr. Benjamin Hardy
  • Feeling Great by Dr. David Burns

9. Weren’t able to make either the 10 am Monday call? No worries! All replays will be posted right here as well as on your homepage as they are made available.

Meeting Replays:

Week 1 Kick-Off Call

Week 2 Check-In Call

Week 3 Check-In Call

Week 4 Check-In Call

Week 5 Check-In Call

Ready to build an empowering self-narrative and… RESET YOUR STORY? Click on WEEK 1 to get started!