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10 Critical Building Blocks to Becoming Unstoppable in Business – Part 1

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Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. Worry about generating ideas that are actually effective.” – Tom


Now that you understand the basic frame of reference for thinking about entrepreneurship, it’s time to build on top of that foundation.

The next thing you’ll need to master is both the mindset required to have success, as well as what kinds of actions you should take – regardless of what entrepreneurship category you fall into.

What You’ll Take Away:

In this lesson, I’ll lay out the first five building blocks for becoming unstoppable at business. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of specific tactics that you can start using right away in your professional life.

Reinforce What You Learn:

Download the class worksheet before watching. Afterwards, complete up through the end of Part 2, and don’t forget to answer the questions to help you gain clarity and reinforce what you’ve learned!