Ready to level up your health and earn points in the process? Click HERE to make a copy of the JUNE SUMMER PASSPORT CARD and check off all of the activities you have completed to boost your healthy habits this summer. Choose what works for you!


1. Do at least 1 item per day. No limit to how many you can do! We encourage you to engage in activities that aren’t already part of your routine. This month is all about pushing yourself!

2. Check off what you’ve done each day, but don’t submit until the end of the week!

3. By midnight each Sunday evening, upload a screenshot of your point total under the correct weekly point category in the hub, and start earning those points! We’ve made some fun categories based on our ITU Team to help guide your effort level each week.

VACATION AMY: (1-15 Points)
“I am the type of person who makes an effort but stays in my comfort zone.”

AMBITIOUS AMBRA (11-35 Points)
“I am the type of person who is working on consistency and and also wants to push my limits.”

DOUBLE-DOWN DELIA (36-75 Points)
‘I am the type of person who feeds off the adrenaline of seeing what I’m capable of.”

HARDCORE HAZEL (76-100 Points)
“I am the type of person who is ready to meet the next version of myself”

IMPORTANT: All health related challenge tasks should ONLY be attempted if you know it is SAFE for you to do so! If you need medical advice on a certain diet, breath, sleep, exercise or other things that may be new to you, please consult your physician.