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Impact Milestone: Completed Phase VI

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve completed ALL six phases of my Mindset course.  I  know it’s a colossal amount of information (60 + hours), not including the hard work you undoubtedly put in to complete the Action Items at the end of each worksheet.  

You deserve a high 5, fist pump and giant pat on the back! Our entire team applauds you, and while we’re at it, look for a little special something on your dashboard to commemorate your achievement.

However, your work has only just begun.  Here at ITU, we recognize that self-development is a lifelong process, and one best done in the company of others.  It’s now time to ACTIVATE the content in my Mindset course within the larger ITU community. 

Join or start an Impact Group, participate in a community challenge, start a new Forum topic, or attend a Book Club gathering – and start putting your newfound knowledge into practice.  You’ll have as much to learn from the members in this community as from me, so I encourage you to get out there and hold each other accountable to your goals.  

Remember, You’re the average of the 5 people or ideas you spend the most time with, so choose wisely.  Here at ITU, you’re in great company for both. 

This library will be available for you to revisit at any point during your time with us. I encourage you to go back and rewatch my classes.  You’ll be surprised at what you take away from each at different points in your journey.  Listen, reflect, and most importantly – put in the work. 

You got this.