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Lesson: ~20 minutes

Action Plan: ~20 minutes plus journaling, daily practice & suggested reading


A useful metaphor for thinking about the brain is as a highly complex, biological computer.

Like all computers, functioning at our highest level requires installing and updating the right software over time.

But how do we decide what to install? Which software is the right software?

Enter: your belief system.

What You’ll Take Away:

In this lesson, I’ll go over why it’s so vital to recognize what beliefs make up your mental operating system, as well as some of the core beliefs I’ve cultivated over time that have set me up for success in business and in life!

Reinforce What You Learn:

Download the class worksheet before watching. Afterwards, complete the ACTION ITEMS at the end of the worksheet. Pay special attention to #4, as this is where you’ll gain the most traction in changing your belief system!