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The Impact 90 Challenge is designed to help you achieve your goal, step by step. We pair weekly challenges with team accountability to help you cross that finish line, with points and awards to keep you motivated along the way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a single goal. We know it’s hard to narrow your choices, but it’s important to select a goal that will have the biggest impact on your life and can be achieved in 90 days. If you have a goal that will take a longer timeline to reach, select a portion of it to tackle for this challenge.

  2. If you haven’t yet registered, do so now by clicking HERE! We will ask you about your goal and your preferred group meeting time.

  3. The Impact 90 Challenge officially kicks off on Monday, January 16 @ 9 am PST! (Check your ITU calendar for details.) We will hold an orientation call that will be recorded for those who can’t make it. Your Week 1 challenge task will then be unlocked.

  4. ITU will divide you into teams based on your meeting time preference and goal, to the best of our ability. Your teams were announced on January 15. If you’re joining the challenge past this date, make sure you’ve completed your registration above and we’ll get you placed as soon as possible.

  5. For the next 13 weeks, you will receive weekly challenge tasks from our team that will help to motivate and keep you on track. Some are designed for independent work, others involve your team members. You’ll have the opportunity to earn points, participate in all-player events, and stay accountable to others through your weekly group check-in calls. We will provide a digital Impact 90 Journal for you to record your thoughts and assignments throughout the challenge.

  6. The challenge ends on Friday, April 14.

What can YOU do with 90 days? We can’t wait to find out!


You will see a variety of tabs on our home page. Below is a description of each.

Feed = An ongoing chat for all challenge participants. Note that you have the option to search the feed up top.

Challenges = This is where your weekly challenges will be posted. They are unlocked the Sunday evening before each new week begins.

Teams = You will be divided into groups based on your goal and preferred meeting time, as indicated on the Registration page that follows. You will locate your assigned team number under this tab, and will be able to engage with team members on this private subgroup page.

Leaderboard = You be earning challenge points as you complete the assigned tasks each week. Note that points can only be earned in the week in which the tasks were assigned, so keep up! Watch your individual and team progress compared against all challenge participants!

Task Board = This is the thread where ITU will prompt you to post select challenge assignments as part of a larger group share.

Resources = Have a habit tracker you love? An article you think could help others? Drop them in this section of shared resources for challenge participants.

Members = This is a list of every ITU student participating in the Impact 90 Challenge. You can connect with them by selecting the ‘message’ button (envelope icon) at the bottom of their profile.

Videos = A spot for you to share your journey with others. We’ll encourage you to post here throughout the challenge.