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The 7 Laws of the Human Mind Part 2: The Mind-Body Connection

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Lesson: ~60 minutes
Action Plan: ~30 minutes plus daily practices for 30 days


To gain control over your own mind, you have to first understand how it works.

What can and can’t be changed, how deeply connected the body and brain are, how our biases and shortcuts operate – all of these are essential to understand if you’re to take back control of your mind and your life.

What You’ll Take Away:

With the groundwork laid in Part I, Tom dives headfirst into laws 2-7 of the 7 Laws of the Human Mind.

By the end, you’ll come away with a more powerful understanding of the inner workings of your own mind. And ultimately, how to work with the hardwiring of your brain, instead of against it.

Reinforce What You Learn:

Before you watch, be sure to download the accompanying class worksheet. Afterwards, complete the ACTION ITEMS at the end of the class worksheet to more deeply absorb what you’ve learned about the 7 Laws of the Human Mind.