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Growth Mindset. Unlocked.

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  1. Mindset 101
    3 Topics
  2. How to Escape a False Growth Mindset
    4 Topics
  3. Stop F*cking Yourself Up and Get Unstuck
    3 Topics
  4. The 7 Laws of the Human Mind
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  5. Bonus Content

    Mindset Unlocked Q&A Collection
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  6. 5 Day Mindset Challenge: Stop Your Negative Beliefs
  7. 5 Day Mindset Challenge: Blast Your Excuses
  8. Mindset Unlocked Digital Journal
  9. Impact Theory's Ultimate Mindset YouTube Playlist
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Why Mindset Is Everything

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Your mindset shapes nearly every aspect of your life, whether you know it or not.

The startling thing is that, for something so important, most of us know very little about how to identify and then build that Growth Mindset which is so foundational to success in life.

What You’ll Take Away:

In this lesson, you’ll learn the fundamentals of a fixed vs. Growth Mindset, the step-by-step process of skill acquisition, how to develop both talent and intelligence – and much more!

Reinforce What You Learn:

Before you watch, be sure to download the accompanying class worksheet. Afterwards, complete the ACTION ITEMS at the end of the class worksheet to more deeply absorb what you’ve learned about the basics of a Growth Mindset.