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Clarity is not an archaeological dig. It is an architectural build” – Tom Bilyeu

Welcome to our 5 Weeks to Clarity Challenge! We’re excited to get to know each of you over the next five weeks. This challenge hub will be your one-stop shop for all communication from us, which will include our weekly assignment drops as well as a place to connect with fellow participants from around the world. 

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Every Monday morning, we will unlock the new challenge assignment for the week. You can find these by clicking on the CHALLENGES tab on the homepage. Work at your own pace! There will be an Action Item included at the end of each assignment that will earn you Challenge Points if followed correctly. 
  1. Much of the assignments will be focused on self-reflection and writing.  So fun perk – we’ve included a handy Student Journal for you to use HERE! Create your own copy, and make it your own.
  1. Every week, we’ll host an hour-long Zoom call to discuss your discoveries for the week.  We’ll meet as a large group, then split into smaller breakout rooms to unpack what we’ve learned in each assignment.  Attending the Zoom calls are not a requirement of this challenge – they’re just for added support and fun! 

    We will be choosing the time for these calls by the end of day Monday (August 1) based on what time works for the majority of the group.  If you haven’t completed the Registration form to indicate your time preferences, you can do so HERE. (Latecomers are welcome to join at any point, but we require you to register so we can send you email reminders!)
  1. STAY CONNECTED by sharing your inspiring A-HA moments (and struggles) in the Feed and/or Discussions tabs on our challenge homepage. This is a great way to support each other throughout the challenge, no matter your time zone!
  1. This challenge is best paired with Tom’s class The Foundational Guide to Create Clarity in Your Life, Parts 1 & 2. You can find these classes in your ITU course library, or via the links below! We’ve also included a link to the Impact Theory Ultimate Empowerment Belief Stack document for quick reference.

    The Foundational Guide to Create Clarity in Your Life, Part 1

    The Foundational Guide to Create Clarity in Your Life, Part 2

    Impact Theory’s Ultimate Empowerment Belief Stack
  1. You’re now ready to go!  Once our challenge begins, you can jump into the Week 1: Introspection |  Finding Connection to Your Inner Self challenge task. We recommend that you copy/paste instructions for each week into your Student Journal for ease & flow.

  2. Click below to watch the replays of our weekly meetings:





Any Qs? Reach out to Amy, Ambra, or Delia.  Ready, Set, LET’S GET CLEAR!